Load GLB + Separate Animation file. (no match in location of bones)


I try to load GLB (rigged model) + GLB (separate animation file)

Bones tree of GLB model = Bones tree of animation file.

I know there is a working example of this. but the problem happens below.

Locations of model bones, do not match location of animation bones. ( like the animation is for Adult man, but the rigged model is young teen, scale/location of nodes are different)

I hope this is clear.

Any solution for this ?

Here is the rigged model:

Here is the animation file:

Here is my code:
working tests

I’m happy to pay for someone if there is a solid solution. So i can load different models scales/sizes with the same animation file. There should be a process to match model with animation without Stretching model or breaking the animation.

Thanks for your time!

Usually this is done in modelling software like Blender

or via a service like Mixamo.


It’s not a simple task.

There is also this library: GitHub - sketchpunklabs/ossos: Webbased Character Animation System
but I have not used it before.