GLB isn't load the materials well, 3d models are total black (after Blender export)

Hi, I’m trying to upload my GLB models into this project (hopefully you can see the code in your Sandbox): React App
I am trying to export my own model from blender and i have downloaded several examples from sketchfab, but for some reason the models are always turns out completely homogeneous and black. even though everything looks fine in blender, the textures are in place. maybe i should add some light source to the project?
currently this model is added to the middle portal: Spiderman Noir Tea Set - Download Free 3D model by Chaitanya Krishnan (@chaitanyak) [bd40f5e] - Sketchfab

Any suggestions or ideas would be very welcome! Thanks!


const light = new THREE.AmbientLight( 0x404040 ); // soft white light
scene.add( light );

thanks! and where should I paste it? into which line (App.js or index.js)?

May could you make suggestions for it? Thanks!

Oh! You’re using r3f, my bad!

@drcmda, could help you with this one! (Sorry for the ping, codeSandBox keeps crashing my browser :no_mouth:)

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Thanks! hope @drcmda knows the answer!

if you have no lights the models will be black, you must always add lights. if you have metallic surfaces you need environment maps. what you have there are portals, a portal is like a separate scene, so just because you have <ambientLight /> mounted in the canvas doesn’t mean it applies in your portals. so add them there as well, same for the environment.

    <ambientLight />

Thank you! It seems I could solve my problem with your help, too.