GL_INVALID_OPERATION: Feedback loop formed between Framebuffer and active Texture

Is there any solution for this warning? It does not interrupt my code, but i would like to get rid of it.
The antialias:true is already set, in previous article it is said that could be solution for the loop.

Basically just added this code to my project for contact shadow

Problem is in

map: this.renderTarget.texture

There is solution, but not a good one
sample: 0 > sample:1,
but this fix is not really good for performance.

Do you mind linking the article? AIFAK, this was mentioned in context of transmission which is probably unrelated to your issue.

In any event, your app has to make sure that it does not render into a render target when it’s used as a texture in the same render() call. You usually prevent this by setting visible to false for any object that uses renderTarget.texture as a map.

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Thank you very much! Your solution worked! Appreciate!