Geometry - subtract, union, intersection?

I found ThreejsCSG.js file to do this,

Is this the best approach to achieve this?? or threejs has another do it?

three.js does not do constructive solid geometry (e.g. boolean add/subtract operations) by itself. ThreejsCSG.js looks like a good choice but I haven’t use it before. Often you would do this sort of thing in a modeling tool before bringing the result into three.js.

I used it.
From my point of view, so far this is the one and only choice for Three.js to do those operations.

I just tried one of the example they offer and made some changes at least for simple geometries work fine, I haven’t tried with more complex geometries but I think will be a good complement.

Thanks any way…

hey @looeee i came across your version of threejs-csg here…

i am trying to implement the union function but i am recieving quite an annoying bug ( massive increase in geometry attributes and a resulting buggy mesh ) i’ve made an example here…
to run the boolean function you have to click boolean on the top left… can you tell me if i’m doing something wrong or if this result is a known bug in your CSG.js file?
@prisoner849 do you have any resources for performing clean union boolean functions with the latest three js and buffer geometry?