How to implement Boolean operations in the current version of threejs?

Since BufferGeometery replaced Geometry, the result has been that many Boolean repositories are no longer applicable, such as ThreeBSP, ThreeCSG. they are ancient code. How to implement Boolean operations in the current version?
if you have any idea ,please tell me, thank u.

all of these have been updated to use THREE.BufferGeometry

JSM : Constructive Solid Geometry - Three.js Tutorials (press the <> for JS code)
TypeScript : CSG - Three.js Tutorials
TypeScript : GitHub - Sean-Bradley/THREE-CSGMesh: Constructive Solid Geometry
R3F : GitHub - pmndrs/react-three-csg: 🚧 Constructive solid geometry for React
TypeScript : GitHub - gkjohnson/three-bvh-csg: A flexible, memory compact, fast and dynamic CSG implementation on top of three-mesh-bvh
JSM : GitHub - manthrax/THREE-CSGMesh: Conversion of a CSG library for use with modern THREE.js

If you see a working CSG example, you can see which version of Threejs it uses, by opening the developer console, and type __THREE__.

If you see 125 or higher, then it was likely written to work with THREE.BufferGeometry.


Thank you very much for answering me and answering in such detail. This is the first time for me to ask questions in this forum. This question has been bothering me all day. Thank you again.