Game: Escape3 - Sokoban



Escape3 - Sokoban

This game is developed based on the classic game Sokoban.

Use W,A,S,D for move player and MOUSE for move/scale/rotate camera


PS. Physics of the game is not like in the classic game. Player moves boxes not on squares.
It’s easier, but more realistic, I think :slight_smile:


Sokoban. Good old times with “Электроника МС 0511” :slight_smile:


my first game in all the glory of CGA


Nice work, really crisp animation transitions and physics. I’m actually curious how you implemented that.

The box push is really slow, that’s probably the biggest reason I stopped play. The loading of objects for me took a while too, it wasn’t horrible but just confused me for a good 10ish seconds why there was no lighting.