Fully remote three.js for start-up with social impact

Have you ever experience a tragic infrastructure colapse with numerous dead people?
A tech start-up developed a solution to prevent it.
To extend their impact in this area they are looking for three.js developers.

Here are further information regarding the position:

If you have questions or if you are interested just text me.


Hello Martin,

Can I have your contact? I would like to discuss this oportunity.

Best Regards,

Hello Martin,
Can we get connected and discuss more about the role.
I am Three.js and r3f developer with good knowledge of blender.

You can see my best three.js work here:

Hi @vaibhav_khating
thanks for your message. I just checked your website and unfortunately I have to tell you, that my client requries someone who allready lives in an EU-country and has a citizenship, visa or workpermit for it.

Hi @Dimitrije_Krstic
sure we can do so, I do have one question in advance, because it is required to have a EU-citizenship or a workpermit for any EU-country. Do you have that

Hey Martin,

Well I am from Serbia which is not EU country but has lots of agreement with the union, and working with EU clients was never trouble for me. :smiley:

I hope that is enough to start, I also have a sort of company here so I can by all means invoice anyone in EU.

Hope to hear you soon.

Hi Dimitrije,
thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately my client requires someone who has a citienship or workpermit for an EU country. As otherwise it would generate additional salary cost for them.

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