Fully remote three.js for Early stage start-up

We’re looking for frontend developers with experience in Three.js, and working with 3D components. You will be working in a team responsible for building the frontend layer of the application.

In a few words, the application helps online cloth companies to grow and improve their sales. For more complete information, do not hesitate and contact us!

Nice to have

  • Experience working with Three.js
  • Experience working with cannon.js/ammo.js or other physics engines

Does it sound like you?
Please contact me at joacwman15@gmail.com

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Hello @Joacoman

As a frontend developer with extensive experience in Three.js and 3D component integration, I bring a wealth of skills to your team. I’ve successfully collaborated on similar projects, delivering visually stunning and functional frontend solutions. Additionally, I’m proficient in cannon.js and adept at leveraging physics engines to enhance user experiences. I’m eager to contribute to your application, helping online clothing companies thrive and boost sales. Let’s connect to discuss how I can support your project’s success.


Hello @Joacoman

Sent you a detailed DM.

If not received please reach me at:


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