Flows Glb File in Curve Modifier

Hello folks. i did something but i am in trouble now. Can someone help me?

In this code, i success to add flow to curve. But as you see, geometry is a BoxGeometry.

My purpose is changes Box Geometry with any .glb file. I know i need to use Loader and clone instanced meshes for 4000 glb files.

I tried with ChatGpt, it is not enough for this or i cant manage.

Can someone show the right way?

const curve = new THREE.CatmullRomCurve3( curveVertices );
					curve.curveType = 'chordal';
					curve.closed = false;

const geometry = new BoxGeometry(0.06,0.06,0.06);

const material1 = new THREE.MeshPhongMaterial(  {    
						color: 0xff0000,
						stencilWrite: true,
						stencilRef: 1,
						stencilFunc:  THREE.EqualStencilFunc,
						stencilFail: THREE.KeepStencilOp,
						stencilZFail: THREE.KeepStencilOp,
						stencilZPass: THREE.KeepStencilOp, } );

const numberOfInstances1 = 4000;

let flow1 = new InstancedFlow( numberOfInstances1, curves.length, geometry, material1 );

curves.forEach( function ( { curve }, i ) {

			flow1.updateCurve( i, curve );
			scene.add( flow1.object3D );

} );
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	                        const geometry1=[]
				loader.load('textures/araba.glb', function ( gltf ) {
					const geometry = gltf.scene.children[0].geometry.clone();
					geometry1.push(geometry) // Clone the geometry of the first child mesh
This way works...

This is the best opening line I’ve read so far in this forum!

Have you figured out why cloning resolves your problem?

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Actually I solved it but I had an incredible fps loss. I dropped from 112 fps to 52 fps. This got me down a lot. My goal was to replace boxGeometry with a low poly car.