Help with models and materials and rendering

hello i’m new here! so i made a model in blender and now (of course) i want to render it in my game. i did not understand the documentation, so i need help with that. i got 2 files the .gltf file and the .bin file (i think) the bin stores the materials, textures and, more. and the gltf stores the geometry and shape of the model. i have no idea how i combine the 2 files. so i would like a full example of how to do it.


What version of Blender and exporter are you using? Any recent versions (Blender 2.80+) should let you download a single .glb file that has everything you need. GLTFLoader supports both .gltf and .glb. Otherwise, you can:

a) Package your .gltf and .bin files together with glTF-Pipeline
b) Just host both files in your app. When GLTFLoader finds the .gltf file it will see the name of the .bin file there, it’s referenced by the .gltf.

So the example code shown on the GLTFLoader docs will work even if there are additional .bin or image files, as long as those files are in the same place (relative to the .gltf) as when you exported them.

i thought three.js doesnt support .glb

ok so i will try again