Can I add three js material and font loader to my existing glb mesh?

I had added my GLB to the scene. I am creating 4 lines with material and 1 text to the scene. But I need to attach all meshes to the GLB because whenever I rotate the model my meshes are left behind it is not changing position.

Hard to help without seeing (a) how you load the GLB, (b) how you add the lines to the GLB.

My best blind guess would be that you are adding the meshes to GLB, then calling scene.add(theseSameMeshes); somewhere - which removes them from the GLB, as an object can have only a single parent.

in react + three land there is a clean and easy solution: GitHub - pmndrs/gltfjsx: 🎮 Turns GLTFs into JSX components with this the scene is yours. outside of that … might get dirty, traversal and mutating contents no other way.