Floorplan IFc files project (autocad). BIM Interior Design

We are creating a project that should represent 2D and 3D of building .This is interactive and all model’s data must be usable .Our model is in AutoCad and because of metadata, we decided to use .IFC format .we need to work with model’s data.

I need these things:
1)show 2D and 3D file but in a good graphics
Screenshot 2024-06-29 at 10.16.59 AM

2)Clickeable parts for naming them and separate them as a section like kitchen, room, hall,…

3) Model contains some data like elevations,sections,Electrical lighting ,…
How to parse and manage them on the web?

4)I need to change the materials of geometries and sometimes change objects. for example test different refrigerator models in kitchen

5)I need to drag and drop objects in the scene or adding some annotations text like when we use in three.js for GLB models.

I tested That open Company for IFC files. But customizing has some confusion. Do you have any suggestions? Is it a good idea to use that open for this project?

This project will be sth like this website:

I need to know the technology od this:

@Parisa_Shahbazi there doesn’t seem to be anything trivial about your project.

For that last link you posted, there is BlueprintJS page on GitHub. Maybe ask questions in that repository to see if they can guide you on how to use it properly. This might be the best of your options.

Even though the following deal with single models, you might also consider checking them:

  • Online 3D Viewer can handle IFC files and their metadata. It does also allow for embedding into websites so make sure to research it properly.
  • The code of my IFC Viewer can show you how to import IFC Loader and libraries required to manipulate IFC models in three.js.

Both of the above also allow for exporting the IFC model to other three.js formats.

The official editor does not seem to support IFC any longer but if you ever switch to maybe GLB workflow then you can try using the editor as well.

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