GLTf to IFC interaction

Hi friends,
I’m working on a 3d viewer starting from IFC files. The IFC files are usually very big and in my opinion, the IFC loader which scans the entire file in memory is not a suitable solution for big projects. Having a look to the memory consumed by the browser, loading more IFC files (ad expected in a common federated context), the browser goes in a memory overflow. Again, with complex IFC files the rendering time is very long and not suitable for my scope.
Following a common approach, I think the best way is to start from IFC file, extract all the relevant properties and put them in a db, then convert the IFC file to a GLTf and use this file (which can be even optimized) for UI rendering.
Now the question is, starting from the loaded GLTf file, I’d need to interact with it, giving the user the possibility to click on certain element, highlight it and get the related data from the database where I’ve stored the IFC properties. Again, I’d need to give the ability to hide all elements in the GLTf file based on a specific IFC property type etc.
Any guidelines concerning the functionalities I have in mind?
Thank you very much!