IFC model not loading properly on browser

I tried to load my IFC file with threeJS, but it seems the models is not rendered properly on web browser.
I have attached images of the rendered model on web browser and the view from BIMvision software.

BIMvision software result

ThreeJS result

IFC file has been loaded using the following code block

//Setup IFC Loader
const ifcLoader = new IFCLoader();
ifcLoader.ifcManager.setWasmPath( wasm_path );
ifcLoader.load( ifc_model_path, function ( model ) {
scene.add( model.mesh );
console.log(“Model loaded”);
} );

What could be the reason for this issue ?

/ping @Antonio_Gonzalez_Viegas

@p-malith Would you mind sharing the IFC asset in this topic?

If you create an issue here, we’ll take a look. Thanks!