Flat GUI for use in browser or VR

Updated VR Demo to include UI components and draggable/resizable windows


Controls include label, button, icon button, radio button, check box, toggle slider, number, text, drop-down list.
Input methods include color picker, keyboard, number pad and list.
Panels contain controls and can be dragged and resize. They can also be collapsed to save resources and expanded when needed.

In browser view, use touch and mouse to interact with controls. Dragging is only along x and y axes.

In VR mode, use pointer to interact with controls. To drag, highlight title and pull trigger to grab. Click button to expand and collapse.

Close button is not implemented since there’s no way to reopen, but you get the idea.

This is a foundation for other flat UI controls.

The major missing piece is relative repositioning (reflow). Right now, if a controls width or height changes, the other controls have to be manually repositioned. Without this, expansion panels will be difficult to implement.

Is there any interest in a native threejs library?

Is there any interest in having an extruded version of these controls?

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