Editor VR viewport + WebXR Dragging example = render help?

I’ve been digging into Three JS Editor’s WebXR environment.
Wow! This is a powerfully intuitive tool.
My artist mindset can navigate scripts and JSON objects much more comfortably than raw coding.

I forked Three JS (branch: Grab-mouseEvent) and adapted the Editor’s VR viewport to include a virtual Desktop window inside the VR editing environment so we can build while immersed in the virtual world.

The new window is interactable, and grabbable using mouseEvent, but only as proof of concept.

Now I’m attempting (branch: controllerDraggingWebXR) to follow the WebXR Dragging example, but experiencing a rendering issue with the modified Viewport.VR.js.

function animate() {

				renderer.setAnimationLoop( render );


			function render() {


				intersectObjects( controller1 );
				intersectObjects( controller2 );

				renderer.render( scene, camera );


Since the native Three JS editor is more complex than the example HTML page, I assume the above code is the incorrect approach???

Can anyone help point me in the right direction to adapt the example to the VR viewport?