Fire animation and glow

Hey, everybody.
I apologize if this question has already been asked, I couldn’t find it.

Can someone tell me how to make fire animation, so that there is a glow on the textures? Maybe someone has already done it.

you could put this glow effect on a fire model like this


Maybe this will be useful: GitHub - mkkellogg/Photons2: Particle System for Three.js
Demo: Mark Kellogg, Senior Software Engineer


Thank you all!

here’s a fire shader Shader fire - CodeSandbox

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Super, thank you.
I also want to achieve the effect that next to the objects (for example, a fence or a wall) - there was a glow from the fire

postpro bloom isn’t really light, it’s just glow on top of the rendered image. you can of course fake it with a pointlight whose intensity you let flicker a bit, and this could potentially also cast shadows. basically most if not everything is smoke and mirrors in threejs, you get used to it. just use the tools and features you have to get close to your ideals.

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as it should, lol, real fire does cast shadows