Fire and smoke exception

hellow guys, I made two different flames. When the latter one is not displayed, the first one is frozen. How to solve it? Thank you in advance.
threejs example: ,
my example:

Can anyone help me? I need to make a scene of multiple braziers. Thank you :smiley:

After testing, it was also found that by changing the properties of one of the flames, the other also changed synchronously, even though they were different objects

THREE.Fire was implement by a one-time contributor. The class is not really maintained. This is the original PR:

@mrdoob Since the original developer ( of THREE.Fire seems to be not active at GitHub anymore, I suggest to remove the class. What do you think?

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@Mugen87 Thank you for your reply, manager. I’m going to ask him on GitHub if he would like to do another update. , because the flame in this example is really real.
In addition, are there any other examples of flame / smoke particle effects available in threejs

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There are so many of them e.g. Just google a bit for fire and smoke effects.

The biggest problem is that some of them use legacy three.js version so it is necessary to migrate to code to the latest release.

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Sounds good to me :+1: