Field of grass swaying in the wind

Instanced blades of grass on an infinitely rolling rounded plane.


This is an update of an older project to add lighting, translucency and movement to instanced blades of grass swaying in the wind. The camera orbits around a stationary point and the instances are moved to give the illusion of travel over an infinite plane. Rounding the ground hides the edges of the geometry and the appearance of the blades.


Thats really cool. Love it

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I think the feel of grass is very well conveyed!

I especially like the color.

Jokes aside, that’s a bounding volume error I think, if you move the camera to a certain position - grass disappears.

I like what you did with the mesh, by bending the grass around Y axis, you’re making it so that it appears volumetric from every angle (except straight from the top), that’s really nice. I like how well the roots of the grass blend with the plane as well. Could be a touch better, but it’s really good!

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Thanks. This is due to the mesh being culled when it falls outside of the view frustum. The camera is only meant to rotate around the origin and not move otherwise.

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also the awsd controlls which give the illusion of flying over new terrain! :scream: