FBXLoader: loader can't load some .fbx files

Need help to understand why some fbx files not working
I’m using showcase example app. Some fbx files cannot be opened via fbxloader http://localhost:8083/examples/?q=fbx#webgl_loader_fbx
This is not working example (not working geometry and missed materials)

cashregister.fbx (3.6 MB)

This working geometry but missed materials

spider.zip (941.2 KB)

Just a little bit of help for you, maybe try the attached re-exported version of your cash register model.

I used my ASSIMP Viewer to load the original and then export it to FBX again using the ASSIMP library. This re-exported file is bigger than the original but seems to work fine in my FBX Viewer.

Also, your spider works fine as well if I put all the textures and the FBX file together in a single folder and then load it in my FBX Viewer (see the attached screenshot). Your issue is probably with how you make sure the loader knows where to get textures from so try to figure out that part.

cashregister.zip (1.3 MB)