Not able to load .FBX file

I have a .FBX file with textures. Everytime i try to load that file it gives me this error

 `THREE.FBXLoader: FBX binary version: 7400`

 TypeError: Cannot set property 'encoding' of undefined
    at FBXLoader.js:425
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at FBXTreeParser.parseParameters (FBXLoader.js:410)
    at FBXTreeParser.parseMaterial (FBXLoader.js:333)
    at FBXTreeParser.parseMaterials (FBXLoader.js:312)
    at FBXTreeParser.parse (FBXLoader.js:98)
    at FBXLoader.parse (FBXLoader.js:84)
    at Object.onLoad (FBXLoader.js:44)
    at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (three.module.js:24307)


        var loader = new FBXLoader();
        	loader.load( 'fbxModel/model.FBX', function ( object ) {
        		scene.add( object );
        	} );

Can you please share the FBX file (with the texture)?

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I have asked for permission to share the file, till then what is observed is in the FBXLoader code, after adding debugger,
examples/jsm/FBXLoader.js line 627,

    case 'DiffuseColor':
          case 'Maya|TEX_color_map':
   = scope.getTexture(textureMap, child.ID);
   = sRGBEncoding;

my FBX file is not layeredTextured and is getting undefined and thus this line = sRGBEncoding; is breaking.
by any chance can u guys tell, what must be missing in fbx file???

Well, for some reasons the loader is not able to find a texture for the given ID. Things might get more clear if it’s possible to inspect the FBX.