Issues parsing fbx from string

Importing the data from an FBX as a string and trying to parse using FBXLoader.
I can get the text to the loader and with encoding I can get it to not give the “unknown version” error.
Now when I import I get “unknown format”.
Is there an expected format for FBX files with the loader?

relevant lines below:

const fbx = new FBXLoader();
const text = await loadFile(‘./assets/models/Lowpoly_tree_sample.fbx’); // This just gets the FBX file as a string
const newCube = fbx.parse(new TextEncoder().encode(text), “”);

error now is
Uncaught (in promise) Error: THREE.FBXLoader: Unknown format.
Lowpoly_tree_sample.fbx (91.0 KB)
cube.fbx (78.2 KB)
Models I have tried are these

What appears in the console when you log the exact value you’re trying to pass to FBXLoader.parse?

Cube.fbx pastebin
Lowpoly Tree just says “Kaydara FBX Binary” so I don’t think I’m reading that one properly

EDIT: this is without the encoding, without the encoding the error is “Cannot find the version number for the file given”