Why do I load my own FBX file it always fails

I try to reproduce the example :

But it only works normally when using nurbs.fbx

When I use other fbx (made by rhino / blender ), it does not work .

I noticed that its code is readable. Why they are different?

Can you try it with the main fbx example instead of the nurbs example?


If that doesn’t work please share your FBX file here.

Yes, it works normally.

There are my FBX filetext-7ascii.fbx (15.7 KB)
text-7binary.fbx (24.1 KB)

You model works fine in my loader so I guess there’s a problem in your code. Can you share the code here, plus an error messages from the browser console?

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I have solved the problem, thank you very much, your reply gave me confidence.