Faded Reflection

Hi, drcmda
I was trying to use mesh reflector material (GitHub - pmndrs/drei: useful helpers for react-three-fiber) in webvr, but it makes the entire vr scene into black. Do you have any ideas to make it work properly?

    useFrame(() => {
      // TODO: As of R3f 7-8 this should be __r3f.parent
      const parent =
        (materialRef.current as any).parent || (materialRef.current as any)?.__r3f.parent;
      if (!parent) return;
      parent.visible = false;
      const currentXrEnabled = gl.xr.enabled;
      const currentShadowAutoUpdate = gl.shadowMap.autoUpdate;
      gl.xr.enabled = false;
      gl.shadowMap.autoUpdate = false;
      gl.state.buffers.depth.setMask(true);  // <----- This Line?
      if (!gl.autoClear) gl.clear();
      gl.render(scene, virtualCamera);
      if (hasBlur) blurpass.render(gl, fbo1, fbo2);
      gl.xr.enabled = currentXrEnabled;
      gl.shadowMap.autoUpdate = currentShadowAutoUpdate;
      parent.visible = true;