Extrude Geometry extension request: different front and back bevel parameters to model gemstone cabochons

Greetings All.

I am trying to generate asymmetrical extrusions (for gemstone cabochons: rounded on the front, only slightly rounded on the obverse) using the versatile extrude-geometry engine. What I would like to propose is a set of extra optional options to allow for a different beveling on the “forward” side of the extrusion compared to the “backward” extrusion direction.

Is this possible using the existing extrude-geometry engine? Would this be a simple modification?

Thanks for your thoughts and best regards, jb

At first sight, work with extrusion is right choice. But I think that building of such geometries needs a custom solution. I don’t have a ready idea about it, just some thoughts, that I have to check :slight_smile:

I await your thoughts. The extrudeGeometry bevel cutoff is a real limitation, unless the initial path is basically round … Thanks! jb

Time to time I was recalling about this topic. Finally, made something.
The first approach, with the using of CatmullRomCurve3 and Path

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