Clipped extrude along path

Does anyone have any suggestion on how I can create an extruded geometry along a path, but then clip the ends to a specific angle ?

As per the attached image, but with an extruded shape running along its length, rather than square?

Many Thanks!

I use the corresponding calculation in this application.
Construction of frames with contour/profile

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Hi @Picklehead :slight_smile:

Do you mean something like contour/profile by @hofk

Or a (similar) extension of this by @prisoner849

Yes that is exactly what I am trying to achieve but on a single part.

I did have a look at your discourse but missed this completely.

Thanks for posting the reply.

Thanks very much, very similar but I think the hofk has posted a perfect example.

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Would it be OK to switch the extrusion axis?

I.e. instead of this:

do this:

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Unfortunately, I think the Axis must be as your first image just due to the different shapes to be extruded.

This is one of the profiles I am trying to extrude along a path and then slice the ends at an angle.


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Yes, for such shapes switching axis will do nothing good.

Here are some alternatives:

  • use clipping planes (if you do not need to cap the cutoffs, e.g. if something else is attached)
  • modify the end vertices (easy if the path is a straight segment, harder if it is a curve)
  • use CSG (this is the heaviest solution)

At the moment the cut-offs do not need to have a cap and the paths will always be straight. However there will be multiple instances extruded and clipped.

Trying to create multiple profiled paths at an angle that will generated on the fly as you create staircase of unlimited design.( Work in progress, lots to do on textures, lighting etc)

Proof of concept for the second idea (modification of vertices). The shape is a geomarker. The red object is uncut. The white objects are randomly cut.


(sorry, if you are afraid of syringes)


:joy: all good with syringes.

and many thanks for posting the pen !

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Just had a play with the pen you posted and I think this will do what I need.

I’m going to incorporate something along these lines in the existing code and see the results!

Many thanks!!

Had a few minutes to test and although the extrude shape is very basic, it does what I need.

PavelBoytchev thank you for the help, very much appreciated :+1:

Further thanks to Hofk as the ‘frames with contour/profile’ helps with a future section I need to create :+1:

I need to remove the old code for the original extrudes and translate the new into position, but the new clipped extrusions are in the scene and textures applied.


I now have different profiles extruding that are imported from an external file, but I am struggling to get a specific angle on the cuts.

I’m trying to achieve a cut angle of 42degrees at both ends, but I’m obviously missing something as cannot get it to be exactly 42degrees.

Tried to cut at 42 degs on both ends :thinking:

Demo: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

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That’s what trigonometry is used for. Here are cuts at -60°, -50°, -40° and so on up to 60°.


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Thanks for the reply :+1:

Thanks again for the help.

Have a lot of pre calculated trig variables in my code and just realised I was calling the opposite angle by mistake :crazy_face:

All sorted :+1: