Extrude geometry change shape position when applying extrudePath

Hello community !

im facing a problème on extrude geometry.
what i want is simple :

  1. draw square shape
  2. extrude this shape following a curve path

the problème is when i apply extrusion, the shape moves down (it does not keep its position)

yous can see wahat i meen in this sanbox : elated-bartik-0v1rf - CodeSandbox

the initial position of the shape
Capture d’écran 2021-04-15 à 19.28.01

the extruded shape moves down

thanks for helping

When I look at the extrude path definition it seems the rendered scene is the expected result. Do you mind explaining in more detail how the final result should look like? Maybe with a screenshot?

here is a picture of the output im expecting

as you can compare to the second picture in my post, the shape moved down along Y axis.

Hi Nassim. May I see the source code of this demo? im facing a problem of this thing too,except my mesh is not right too

Didn’t you see the link in my post !! Check the link Sandbox on my initial post above …

The behavior is not bug is just the way how extrude geometry works with complex path extrusion.So what I did, is a function that extrude geometry following complex path using point projection. I can give you the code if Yu want.

Did you try rectangular shape? Mine 's length and width were opposite value.