Exporting models/scenes from Houdini to three.js?

Hi; I’m thinking about developing a workflow with artists working in Houdini to develop assets for a three.js application: I’d like them to be able to export entire scenes (objects, materials, textures, lights, and animations) but even just object/material/texture would be OK. Houdini doesn’t export glTF (too bad!); does anyone here have experience with this workflow? Any tips?

The proper workflow would be to somehow target GLTF. If you can export to some other format like collada or fbx you could convert this to GLTF via a script. There were examples of various package specific exportes that would export to json, but it being json you don’t have to limit yourself to any particular format, but rather what suits your needs. GLTF seems like the most supported format in Three.js and aims to be the standard for web transfer anyway,

I would try some combination of:

I think those should preserve most of what you describe, lights are not yet finalized in glTF though.

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Houdini 17 will add direct import/export of glTF: https://vimeo.com/291934239 (about 7:00)

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Good news :slight_smile: :+1: