Export animated object from ThreeJS editor

I imported an animated fbx object into three js editor. I was able to see the animation in the Geometry section. After adding/tweaking textures and exporting the scene in json format, I managed to import the scene into html. All was in order: textures, lights but… no animation on the object.
The question is :
Is there a way to include the original animation while exporting the scene from ThreeJs editor?
Thanks a bunch in advance for help!

Fortunately, we are currently trying to improve this situation. With the next release r123, it will be possible to serialization/deserialization instances of SkinnedMesh.

In the next step, animation clips should be part of the serialization/deserialization process as well. Right now, they can only be saved in the editor and exported to glTF. But not to the internal JSON format.

It’s not yet clear how animation clips will be stored and restored since there are different ways for doing this. Check out the following issue at GitHub for more information:

This should be fixed with r123. The animations can be saved to the three.js JSON format. After loading, the object’s animations will be available in the new property Object3D.animations (which represents an array holding animation clips).

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