How to serialize/desterilize object with animations in three.js editor

Hi everyone, now I am struggling to play animations of FBX/GLB models in the three.js editor play mode.
I’ve just loaded the model into the three.js editor.
But it doesn’t seem to that deserialization works when I play current scene.
I can not play any animations of the FBX/GLB models.
Looking forward to hearing reply soon.


SkinnedMesh are not fully supported in the editor. Serialization/deserialization does not work yet. Feel free to raise the priority of this feature at the following GitHub issue:

Thank you for the answer.
However, is there any tricky method?

What do you mean by that?

Can’t I serialize the FBX model to JSON and get same model with animations from JSON now?

No, that does not work without implementing the mentioned feature.

I was reading through the GitHub issue you mentioned and I ended up here:

So does that mean animations that are in GLTF formate can be exported from the editor? Or played with the Play button in the editor?

You can export animations to glTF but the problem is that save and reload does not work yet. The engine can’t serialize a skinned mesh to its internal JSON format and deserialize it back.

Small update on this: With r123, the editor will fully support SkinnedMesh and animation clips. Next to glTF, you can also export animated objects to the three.js JSON format.

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Amazing!! Thank you to all involved!! :grinning:
Threejs the gift that keeps on giving!

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