CubeTexture to be exported along with Object

Is it valid to imagine an object or scene exported using toJson property, to export the associated CubeTextures as well, along with the exported data?

And later to be loaded using new THREE.ObjectLoader()

I would love to have this feature. Let’s discuss if it makes sense.

I guess this is a valid feature request. Working with cubemaps is something a scene editor (like the three.js editor) should support. This involves of course saving and loading.

This is exactly what I was going to elaborate.

Current, on most of the occasion I use threejs editor to create my content and use it in some of my experiments. Due to the lack of cube texture support while implementing, importing or exporting it creates a bottleneck in content creating and implementation pipeline.

With this feature, it will ease up the workflow of many people.

Looking at threejs sourcecode, it does look like a lot of work would be needed, but I guess, it necessary in so many use cases.

Now, I have created a feature request for this.
Hope the core developers would agree.