Entwined Web - porting a Java/Processing project to ThreeJS

Entwined is a light art installation in Golden Gate Park (see: Entwined – San Francisco Parks Alliance). It’s around ~2000 LED light cubes that anyone can program/submit patterns to, using Processing/Java (see: https://github.com/squaredproject/Entwined).

Last weekend I put together a little JavaScript port with ThreeJS to make it easier for people to explore & prototype, without having to install anything, and with hot reload!

Source code: https://github.com/OmarShehata/entwined-web



There are instructions in the README for creating a new pattern. But if you want your pattern to actually appear in the real world art installation you’ll still need to port it back to Java, since the JS version doesn’t actually connect to any real world hardware (yet?)

Just thought I’d share it here for anyone who may be aware of the project and/or is interested in contributing! There’s lots of features that could make this more fun/easy to create patterns for, like supporting the ability to create dat.gui sliders for params that control your light pattern, or better lighting to simulate what it feels like to stand in the field in the dark with these bright light cubes.

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