Editor project crashes when I try to publish; too many objects?

Totally new to threejs and scripting in general but not Blender. Imported a large embedded gIFT file that includes multiple objects/textures. It loads in its entirety while editing but when I try to publish from the editor, it crashes. I’m not using any scripting because everything is static.

Should I be using scripts or is it because my file was too large?
I am totally new at this so apologies if this seems like a silly question. My goal is just to create a browser-based 3D environment for viewing, not interaction.

Please provide more information in your topic:

  • Do you see any runtime errors in the browser console after the export?
  • What browser are you using? Does it work with other browsers?
  • What do you mean with “crash”? Do you mean the entire browser shuts down?
  • What do you mean with “large”? Do you mind quantifying the size of the glTF asset?
  • Also sharing a link to your glTF asset would be good.

The browser did actually crash and close but other times it says “threejs is not responding” and after waiting for it to load it just takes me back to the editor. I tried to export but I had the same problem.

I’m using Chrome, I haven’t tried in other browsers.

The gIFT file is 278MB which may be the problem. I did use decimate modifier in Blender but after a certain point it just rips away entire faces from the mesh.

This is an even stupider question: how can I share a link?

You could upload the asset to Google Drive and the share access to it.

BTW: A model with nearly 300 MB size is considered to be not manageable in context of asset delivery. Are you planning to host an app and expect users to download this asset?

cleanup > delete distance, decimate, auto retopo, these are a good start, but then you also need to compress the asset for the web (as a draco or meshopt compressed glb). try out https://gltf.report imo everything over 3mb is too big for the web and you definitively can compress 300+mb gltf’s by that much without noticeable regression (at reasonable distance).

This is an even stupider question: how can I share a link?

i almost exclusively develop in https://codesandbox.io these days. these are real sanboxes where the bundling environment happens right in the browser. you have access to npm as well. and then you can link, or download the project and develop locally.

This is a good question I hadn’t considered. I tried finding file size restrictions but I wasn’t able to find much in a general search. What would be the largest manageable size I could get away with?

Thank you! I’ll definitely try that in blender and re-export it

I will definitely be using this!

I just checked that second link and I think that may be way above my abilities at the moment :sweat_smile: but I’ll definitely hold onto it!