Editor performance has dropped too much - version 130

After the transition from version 129 to 130, additional detail appeared, but at the same time, the editor began to work much slower, the FPS dropped by a factor of two.

My scene data

Do me a favor and compare the number of draw calls of your scene.

r129: three.js editor
r130: three.js editor

You can set a breakpoint here and then debug the value of renderer.info.render.calls.

ver 129 = 99
ver 130 = 251


Can you confirm that you have a lot of double-sided rendered objects in your scene?

If so, that would explain the performance regression. For quality reasons double-sided objects are now rendered with two draw calls instead of one, see:

Yes, there are many such objects on this stage.

The grass is strongly influenced, although it is light, but there is a lot of it. It turns out that if now I change the build in the game to 130, then everything will slow down on the mobile phone.

Um, is it necessary that your grass is rendered as transparent objects? Sometimes it’s possible to implement them as alpha cutouts (via alphaTest). Doing so would not affect your app by the above change.

Let me now think about how best to do it, and I hope that the system for removing objects that have not entered the camera will save the situation.

is there a way to disable this? idea is to use transparent and DoubeSide for Image Textures
and i think a double drawcall is not needed

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No, it’s not. It was decided here not to add a switch for this.

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Therefore, I am not in a hurry to take the build 130, performance is more important.