Draw 2D shape and convert to 3D shape

Hello everyone,

I would like to throw a 2D shape onto 3D shape.

I explain what I’m thinking, the people create their 2D pieces like that “https://jsfiddle.net/wilt/a21ey9y6/” and after with a button they can see their 2D pieces onto 3D pieces.

ps: When I say pieces, it’s about pieces of home so the 2D line represent the walls of one piece of 3D

Thanks for your time.

This what i’m looking for up 2D shape draw and down this 3D shape.


It’s not so clear what you’re looking for.
Something like that?


Sorry, i put a picture, yes like that.

This is a small example i did a while ago. It’s not exactly what you want, but I think it’s a small prototype of what you are looking for.

it uses the line buffer geometry for drawing. The current condition limits the user to draw up to 4-5 points only. Once you draw max out your points, use the create 3D button to fire up the 3D.



I’m very thankfulness for you help @blackstrings0 that’s a good job thanks