Lines to Meshes

I am trying to build a system that will attempt to approximate a surface between two closed lines. I am thinking of breaking up the lines into a number of vertexes, and stitching triangles between the lines. However, I see a potential for edge cases that could throw a wrench into my approach.

Has anyone dealt with this before?

Are you looking for something like that?

That is similar but would differ in that the top and bottom lines would not be the same shape.

I take it you mean something like:

const bottomShape = new THREE.Shape(/*some arguments*/);
const topShape = new THREE.Shape(/*some arguments*/);
const geometry = new THREE.ShapeTransitionGeometry(bottomShape, topShape, height);

To do this, you would have to define THREE.ShapeTransitionGeometry. Right?

I think your proposed approach is just fine. What are the edge cases that you imagine could throw a wrench into it? Is it the problem of building non-convex end caps? (The solution to that one can almost surely be copied from THREE.ExtrudeBufferGeometry anyway)