Does the same material in multiple meshes consume GPU memory multiple times or only once?

My question is as the title suggests.

The situation that I’m facing is here:

  • I have one SkinnedMesh loaded from a GLTF model.
  • I want to render it as two models cloned by SkeletonUtils.clone.
  • they have the same material with the same uuid, but I want each model to get a different pose.
    • so I can’t use InstancedMesh.
  • I checked GPU memory usage in chrome task manager. It seems it consumes once.
    • adding a cloned model into the scene doesn’t increase GPU memory usage.
    • but I wasn’t sure, so I post this question here.

Yes, the material is shared across all meshes that reference it.

If you alter the material, all meshes get the change.

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Thanks a lot!

could you give me a doc, an explanation, or source code to help me understand this If you know?