InstancedMesh limits

Hi so i’ve create a few instanced meshes and I am wondering how many textures can I have? with 1 material so I’m talking about can I have 1 base color texture, 1 normal and 1 emissive texture all in the same material ? or are you limited to 1 texture in the same way you are limited to 1 geo and 1 material?
thanks - using glb format

I’m sure the instance material has all the channels of whichever material you feed it, so if a MeshStandardMaterial then it should contain all the channels you’re asking about in the resulting instanceMesh

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Yeah, THREE.MeshStandardMaterial (which is what GLTFLoader usually creates) has lots of texture slots (.map, .normalMap, …), and you can use as many of them as you want on the same material, up to your hardware limits. That should be at least 16 textures per material, modulo any GPU memory limits. Whether Mesh or InstancedMesh is used should not affect this.