Does the Json loader support skeletons and skinning?

What would be the best way to load skinned mesh that I can animate via code?


Hello csuarezgfx,

I can’t tell you the “best way to load skinned mesh”, because it depends on your process (tools and purposes), but I can share my experience with the json loader.

I have been using the json blender export for more than 4 years and to say the least it is very steardy once you know the export config (pause mode). I usually export the mesh with bones and UVs without material and set the material manually at run time for smaller file size and better controls. Depending on the object complexity (number of bones), I usually split it into different parts to keep the file sizes small and have greater flexibility, i.e.:

For a human character, I will split it into 3 parts (at least) the head, the body and the legs while keeping the y distance for each objects proportional in Blender. This way, let’s say you have the following poses:

  • head(4): eyes shut, open mouth, turn right, turn left
  • body (3): walk, run, still
  • legs(4):walk, run, still, sit

Instead of having a large file size with 4x3x4=48 (redundent) poses, I have 3 files with manageable sizes < 1mg

To get started, you can look at the following examples:

There is also a collada and a sea3d skinning import, but I will not be able to let you how it works, maybe someone else could talk about their experience with such loaders.

Hope this will help you get started!