Export + load from blender


can someone guide me for both parts of the process ? Specially the first one

  1. export the right way from blender, last version 2.79

  2. “load” and display the result

     var scene = this.objRender3D.scene;
     var loader = new THREE.ObjectLoader ();
       // he deny json loader .?  THREE.JSONLoader: ./blender/myObj.json should be loaded with THREE.ObjectLoader instead.
     loader.load('./blender/myObj.json', function(geometry) {
         var mesh = new THREE.Mesh(geometry);
    // result : TypeError: a is undefined


I can’t make it work.

  • The current goal is just to export a mesh + his UV texture.
  • The next step animations

I think 100% of the problem is me using wrong or incompletes options from blender.
I need help to export it the right way

I have no specific format preference,

3ds, collada, the three.js export json “plugin” … All of them “crash” when i follow the different loaders examples.
“TypeError: c is undefined”

only “export as 3ds format” work, but without texture.

Thanks for help

The JSON Blender exporter was removed with the latest release R93. I suggest you export your model as glTF and use GLTFLoader. More information in this guide:


The following example shows how to load a basic glTF model with three.js.


thank you mugen i will try this format