Do you know libraries kitchen furnitures or where I can find the 3D kitchen furnitures models

Hello everyone,

I would like to make a 3D kitchen, it’s a school project, so I’m looking for the libraries for kitchen furnitures or the web sites where I can find the 3D kitchen furnitures Models who works well with Three.js

Thanks for your time and your answer.

I bet you find at sketchfab some nice (downloadable) models:

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Turbo squid used to be a good resource for buying models.

Thanks very much for your answer i’ve checked this but we are looking for something free

Thanks so much @Mugen87.

I have another question, can you think we can change the size of the models after upload on our web site? For example, we would like to make like this website “” or like The Sims game where we can create our own kitchen.

I’m not sure I understand this question. Of course you can scale the model by modulating Object3D.scale and thus change its size. Or do you mean something different?

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No that is it thanks

I wonder if an example for this would be good? It may be obvious to experienced graphics programer that you can resize 3d objects, but may not be to someone less experienced.

I’m very thankfulness for you help