Dimensions is live! Enable single-click transformations for 3D models at scale

Hi all! My colleagues and I have been working on a platform called Dimensions.

Dimensions lets developers programmatically onboard 3D models – and use APIs to generate, edit, and optimize product images and videos, AR experiences, and more.

We built Dimensions to help eCommerce developers scale their 3D model pipeline, but I would be curious to hear other potential use cases and feedback.

Feel free to check our website and give it a try here.

It’s available to the public as of this week and completely free!

And if you try it out, please share your results below :grinning:

It look good and interesting.

Unfortunately, it is behind a sign-up wall.

The front page is intriguing. You might want to restrict the controls, otherwise users may pan the object off-screen, or zoom it out of view. Here are snapshots of initial case and what happens after some bad moves (the yellow arrow points to what is left from the 3D model):