Digital Blue Foam

Accelerate the world’s transition to better, greener cities. I am excited to announce the alpha launch of
Digital Blue Foam - a software for designing cities that hunts, gathers and computes contextual data such as climate, program and urban networks to determine the right building configuration using advances in artificial intelligence, generative design, and web-based 3D visualization in three.js.

Video Trailer


Looks fantastic, great job!

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Neat! How do we get to play with it?

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Thanks! Please register at

to test out the alpha! We would appreciate your feedback!

Asking to register for testing the alpha will lead to less people testing it.


… no thank you.


@djcldy if you actually want feedback from people, I would suggest you make the sign up process easier.

I created an account, and got told I have to wait for it to be approved. Now, two days later I finally got the email saying my account was approved, but I still cannot log in.

Most users have the expectation that signing up for a website should take at most one minute. Anything longer than that and you will lose your users.


Totally agree. Thanks for letting us know