3D City Simple Demo

Create Your Dream City with Our 3D Configurator
Are you tired of using traditional city planners that limit your creativity? Want to see your vision come to life?

Introducing our 3D city configurator demo website. With our user-friendly interface, you can customize your city just the way you want it. From buildings and streets to parks and attractions, you have complete control.

Whether you’re an architect, urban planner or just someone who loves design, our cutting-edge technology will showcase your ideas. Our software supports multi-platform functionality and allows you to view your creation on any device.

Don’t wait – start building your dream city today with our 3D city configurator demo website.


Thanks for sharing your demo. It looks nice, interactive and promising.

You might be willing to fix some minor issues, like:

  1. When I click on All cities my FireFox tab froze, the fan got noisy and at some point I just closed the tab.
  2. Sometimes elevated blocks do not fall back. Here is a snapshot with 4 raised blocks (one is at the back of the city). I’m not sure whether this is a feature or a bug.
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Doesn’t work on tablet, could you make a tablet version

Excellent project