Different Repeats for Map and BumpMap Textures

I need to map a cube with a pattern and also want to apply a bump map.
My pattern repeat is varying like (2,2), (4, 4), (8,8) but I want the bumpMap to be always (1.5,1.5).
How this can be achieved?

I’ve already answered your per mail but here is the answer for the public: You can’t have different uv transforms for diffuse and bump maps. This is a current limitation of the library and will be solved via NodeMaterial. Full story here:


Is there any custom shader solution which doesn’t require modification of core files.?

Writing a custom shader is a modification of core files. If you want to write custom shader code, you can just multiply the uvs in GLSL by whatever scalar you want: uv * 1.5.

Additionally, you can modify your bump map in Photoshop to repeat 1.5 times, since it seems you want that value fixed.

Finally, you can draw your texture to a 2D canvas, apply whatever repetition you want using the 2D canvas API, then use the result as the source of your texture. See this example for how to use a 2d canvas as the source of your map.

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Currently 2D canvas is working for me as my bumpMap is the same but the repeat for bump changes in a while. Until there is a solution in the library lets consider this as a solution. Thanks.