Different FPS in Local vs. Production

Hello all,

I am currently building an application with react-three-fiber.
In the process I am displaying a GLB.

Locally my application runs with stable 60FPS.
As soon as this application comes through my build pipeline on Production, I end up with ~30 FPS.
When I use the Chrome FPS viewer, I have visible animation frame requests that generate load, but not locally.
When I comment out the GLB and then release, the application is stable at 60FPS, even on Production.

Does ThreeJS do something different in Production bundles?
Further note: On Safari, the application is still at a stable 60FPS.
Honestly, I am now quite confused.

Here is a link to the application: K3 Veranda

Local FPS:

Production FPS:

I appreciate any tips!
Vitus :slight_smile:

After long search I found this one: Production build runs much slower than dev - #4 by revanilyas

I’ll check and then answer.

Late-Note: This solution works! Browserlist-settings changed according to linked topic. Now smooth 60 FPS.

Hi VForsmann

Ive literally had the same issue last night (my little site https://h1-viz.vercel.app). I found the same thread you found and tried the same thing to no avail. Please post back if you figure something out.

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Hey! Sure I will.
To let you know, I got constant 60FPS in your application.
Maybe you fixed it, but didnt clear browser-cache?


Hey @arisser .
I checked the issue and setup the browserslist entrys correctly.
My application runs now at 60 FPS! Perfect.
I’ll hit ThreeJS on Twitter for this one. Crazy!