Performance on release and mobile


I’d like to ask about theses

  1. Performance difference between local develop environment and release environment

  2. Mobile develop of three js

  3. I made web viewer with three js I can move around the room and put video or image and 3d object in room.
    When I try it in local environment like localhost:3000, I feel really performance low in release environment like https://www.~~

What should I check and what I have to carefull about it?

I’m using three js + typscript + react etc

  1. Some room is not available at mobile!
    I can’t access web room that I made. I can’t get any hint cause, I use chrome for develop and try with mobile version at mac, it works well. And I tried to get console log for “not working room” but It doesnt make any error message about three js or webGL.
    When I try to accsess that web, it load and makes sudden refresh and show me thease message

It saids “There have been repeated problems with the website”

I’ll share the link

I thought it is a kind of memory problem but some model with very low size like 7MB glb file make this error too.

Can you help me :cry:

  • If I change frame work to babylon js , can I through this problem well? Now I’m confused about this too.

When I enter into my browser, it very briefly flashes a progress bar, then goes blank (white screen).

Look into your Javascript console, there are a bunch of warnings and errors logged.

yes It does in mobile, but cant’ you access in desktop or laptop too?
I can access with my mac

I observed this in Firefox 98.0.2 on macOS 10.15,7 (Macbook Air)

oh… Can I get your error log please? I can’t debug it because I can’t get any log about it…

If you have any experience with this symptom can I get some hint about it? I still can’t understand why is this not work on some environment

OK, here’s the output of the JavaScript console:

Since you’re on a Mac, you’ll have Safari, too. The way to get access to the Javascript console in Safari is as follows:

Fire up Safari, then invoke settings. On the “extended” panel, check “Display ‘Developer’ menu in the menu bar”:

This will give you the “Developer” menu, from where you can invoke the JavaScript console:

Thanks for reply :slight_smile :slight_smile: I looked that error log first time… Actually I tried with mobile debuging with safari. I can’t get other error log too.

Anyway, I’m super thanks for reply!

When you get that on iOS, it’s quite likely that you’re using textures that are too large. Make sure none of your models uses textures larger than 2048x2048 ( or even 1024 x 1024 ) pixels and that’l hopefully solve the issue.

Your model might only take 7MB as a file, but when it’s uploaded to the GPU it will take more space. Try uploading it to and check the stats panel to see how much memory it takes in the GPU.

thanks for the link ! I check the gltf file with your link! it said it use 100MB in gpu is this too big to show it in mobile? Is there any guid line that Don’t use above it?

Plus If I use texture like tile(using 512*512 image reapeatly made by blender), then does gpu use that image as larger image?

white screen in first step …