Deploid of .gltf models to website/API

Hi, I’m a newbie in programming.
I have a 3D model that I made in blender, it is a bit heavy so I wanted to upload it to an API so I don’t load everything in the Font-end.

My question is where can I upload the .gltf files to make the API call.
I tried to convert the .gltf model to .json but without success.

If you know of any tutorial it would be very helpful.

Thank you for taking the time to read my question.

This is the repository

It was a compilation problem, so I could deploy it.
Even so, it is still very heavy and how do they work with big models ?

you never use gltf on the web, draco compress it to a glb. there are tools that can turn 100mb gltfs into a few mb. for instance gltf-pipeline, or gltf-pack. i would also take the time in blender to optimize it, reduce textures, etc. if tools sound scare load your file here, click scripts, run it, export/download the result.

looking at your site, the problem seem to be the images. you can reduce that to 90% or less with squoosh. reduce their size, compress, make them jpgs or anything other than pngs. i don’t think the whole thing would be more than 2-5mb, there’s not much going on there.

there is no need to use backend apis for resources, you are already using vite and npm run build is all you need. the problem isn’t the environment but the model.

Thank you very much for your help. I will implement what you told me and keep learning.

Would you know how to solve it to make a similar web to sketchfab?

thank you very much