Deep sea render baked to Three JS scene

Hi all,

I’d like to share my portfolio website with a threejs scene using baked assets from a rendered V-Ray scene on the homepage.

The camera will follow your mouse pointer as it’s over the canvas.


Look great! Definitely good to bake out lighting to get a realistic look. I also like the softness, is that just a post processing with horizontal/vertical blur?
And are the godrays made with a plane and gradient texture? They work very well too.

And just a heads up, I tried to download your cv, but the link didn’t work for me, both on firefox and chrome.

Wait, you’ve made Optimus Prime riding a Mecha T-Rex :scream::heart: ?

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Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for the heads up, gui :slight_smile:

The softness is from a depth of field blur and also a lateral blur with a vignette shaped mask.
And yes the godrays are from a plane at the surface of the water with a noise texture on the opacity map. The scene has some pretty heavy atmospheric fog so the godrays are accentuated.

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