Declinated shapes

Hey, i’m new to three js, but i was involved in a project which will require some 3d animations, and i pretend to start studying the basics, but i just wanted to ask for a more specific direction of what should i study for the task i need to complete: i need to create 3d terrains simulations, which the user can interact with by setting the declination between points, like real terrain declinations. Until now, i managed to create the shapes from sets of coordinates(which will also come by some another user inputs) but i’m really struggling to understand how i could make this declinations in the terrain, i’m looking mostly at extrudeGeometry, but if you have any ideas, i’d appreciate it.

You can make triangles.
Personally I would leave 2d extrude alone.
It’s kind of a 2d, hackin it’s way to 3d.
Better just go straight for 3d.

Looks like it’s related to interpolation :thinking: Trilinear interpolation of vertices